Day Two – Meditate

So, about yesterday…ew.

Decluttering your digital life is harder than I thought it would be. And can I be honest? I spent most of the time judging myself – was I keeping too many digital files? Not enough? Were my new folders labeled properly? Did I delete enough emails?

I did not feel good after that process was over. Plus, there are still twenty gazillion pictures in twenty gazillion folders on my home computer to go through…which never used to bother me, until yesterday. I don’t think this “minimalist” stuff is supposed to make me feel this way.

I did make some headway though. My work desktop looks better, at least. I guess you can call that progress.

Today the challenge is to meditate for 15 minutes. Love it. I’m already doing this almost daily anyway now. So today I’m going to really challenge myself and try meditating without any guided audio. This will definitely be challenging because I’m a thinker, to the extreme. Plus, my ears ring all the time and the high-pitched sound drives me crazy when there’s no background noise. But, they say meditation takes practice – so I figure it’s worth a try.

Now, about this weekend…chocoholics unite!  My kids are beyond excited because the bunny is coming, as is my husband because, like most loving parents, we sometimes help ourselves to their candy stash. Ssssssshhhhh.

This year, I’ve got a game plan in place to keep my chocolate binging to a minimum.  Here are some of my favourite “almost tastes like chocolate” chocolate treats:

Healthy Chocolate Chia Pudding

Five ingredient avocado pudding

Sweet potato brownies

And one more I really want to try:

Coconut Fudge

Have a peaceful Easter weekend.


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