Stuff Buster

Tomorrow is my first day of the 30-day minimalism challenge. Yikes! This should be an interesting ride.

I’m dubbing April “Stuff Buster 2015” because it sounds so overly dramatic in a broadcast news kind of way and I enjoy making fun of my ridiculous, former career path. In radio news we had a sound effect for everything – if it was snowing outside, we’d play the sound of whirring tires stuck in a snow bank. Raining or thundering? We had those, too. If there was a rainbow in the sky, we had leprechaun sounds. I’m not fucking with you – we had those.

I’m definitely already a minimalist at home – I hate stuff, especially drawers, cupboards, boxes, and closets full of stuff. So in some ways I don’t know that the challenge will be all that challenging.

There is, however, one area where I have a bit of an…issue. Shopping is a major, major weakness of mine. And no matter how many times I swear I’m not going to buy any more clothes or spend on snacks at work, I always do. It’s frustrating and, quite honestly, embarrassing. Plus it causes lots of friction at home with the husband.

So, for this next month I’m going on a clothes shopping fast. In fact, I’ve reduced my wardrobe immensely this month to try and make sure I’m actually wearing what I own. I’ve already donated a big garbage bag full of clothes and last night went through my closet again, and took out another small pile to give away.

I’m not going to lie. This is going to be very hard for me. When I’m feeling bored, I shop. When I’m feeling down, I shop. On my lunch break, I shop. It’s become a normal every day function like brushing my teeth or eating a meal. But it needs to stop.

I’m hoping that once I get over the hump of not shopping for a few weeks it will be easier to keep it up. Because even I can see how my shopping habit makes zero sense for a girl who hates having stuff.


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